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July 22, 2020

Episode 10: Earth A.D: The Poisoning of the American Landscape and the Communities that Fought Back with Michael Lee Nirenberg

Michael Lee Nirenberg and I have been friends for years. He began his career in documentary film. (Check out: Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story.) He still works in the film and television industry and brings a filmmaker's eye to his first book, Earth A.D: The Poisoning of the American Landscape and the Communities that Fought Back.


The environment and the history of how humans fuck it up is an important one. Earth A.D. is by no means an obituary of planet earth, it's the story of people coming together to figure out how to fix things.  It's our job now to continue that work.  


Here's what I wrote about Earth A.D. in our press release:


"The environmental gains of the last fifty years are quickly falling away as the federal government repeals the very laws that allowed citizen activists to fight for their communities. We've forgotten that not too long ago, rivers were aflame from toxic waste and the ground saturated with cancer-causing chemicals. Earth A.D. The Poisoning of the American Landscape and the Communities that Fought Back is the sweeping oral history of two American communities poisoned by big business and what happened next.

Of the all too many stories generated by the egregious corruption of the Trump administration, the decimation of the EPA, and any rules regulating the environment is going unnoticed."


As always, thanks for listening.

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